Jamie Yeung

Front End Developer


I'm a Toronto based front end developer, travel, sports and finance enthusiast who combines a technical skill set with client service experience to build user-friendly web applications. My goal as a developer is simple : Build responsive web applications that improve the day to day live of users.



Follow the Colors!


A Simon Says game built with only Vanilla JS. The user picks the color sequence in the correct order after being shown the sequence. Users can then save their score in a real time by storing data into Firebase.

Book of the Week


Not sure what to read? Using the NYTimes Books API, Book of the week will give you a recommendation from the NY Times best sellers of the week, so you're always up to date!

Give Me a Password!


Tired of thinking of new passwords? This app will provide a password based on the requirements chosen.

Help Me Watch

jQuery/Sass/REST API

A paired jQuery project utilizing the MovieDB REST API which gives the user a Movie or TV show to watch based on which mood the user chooses throughout the selection process. Created with Tommy Lay

Personal Date Night

React/Sass/REST API

Partners pick a different event at a similar time and location, because sometimes we all just need a little break from each other. Created with Can, Annie & Irene

Drive Solo


The first fully responsive PSD project completed during the bootcamp using only floats based on a given design.