Jamie Yeung

Front End Developer


I'm a Toronto based front end developer, travel, sports and finance enthusiast who combines a technical skill set with client service experience to build user-friendly web applications. My goal as a developer is simple : Build responsive web applications that improve the day to day live of users.



Drive Solo


The first fully responsive PSD project completed during the bootcamp using only floats based on a given design.

Follow the Colors!


A Simon Says game built with only Vanilla JS. The user picks the color sequence in the correct order after being shown the sequence. Users can then save their score in a real time by storing data into Firebase.

Help Me Watch

jQuery/Sass/REST API

A paired jQuery project utilizing the MovieDB REST API which gives the user a Movie or TV show to watch based on which mood the user chooses throughout the selection process. Created with Tommy Lay

Book of the Week


Not sure what to read? Using the NYTimes Books API, Book of the week will give you a recommendation from the NY Times best sellers of the week, so you're always up to date!

Personal Date Night

React/Sass/REST API

Partners pick a different event at a similar time and location, because sometimes we all just need a little break from each other. Created with Can, Annie & Irene