Jamie Yeung

Front End Developer

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About Me

Hi there, I'm Jamie. I'm a front end developer, travel, sports and finance enthusiast. I love tackling the problems and challenges that web development presents to be able to create responsive and user friendly websites. I'm always trying to learn new concepts in development in order to be able to create more projects to diversify my skillset.
Outside of coding, you can find me doing some kind of physical activity, travelling to a country that I haven't visited, and finding a place to enjoy sangrias.

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My Work

Drive Solo

The first fully responsive PSD project completed during the bootcamp using only floats based on a given design.

picture of car project with red car and title showing

Follow The Colors!

A Simon Says game built with only vanilla JS where you click the colors based on the order shown.

picture of color project

Help Me Watch

A paired jQuery project using The MovieDB API which suggests a Movie or TV show to watch based on which mood the user chooses. Created with Tommy Lay

picture of movie project with popcorn as background

Book of the Week

Not sure what to read? Using the NY Times Books API, Book of the week will give you a recommendation from the NY Times best sellers of the week, so you're always up to date with current books.

picture of book project

Personal Date Night

Partners pick a different event at a similar time and location, because sometimes we all just need a little break from each other. Created with Can, Annie & Irene

picture of personal dating project website